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Class II

DWHUniversity Class II




The second class of DWH University is designed for the Project Manager who has been in the job for 3 to 6 months, and has completed all segments of the first class.  This is to include the Three months of home work of the first class.

By the time the new Project Manager attends the second class he/she should be beginning to understand the scope of the job.  They will have survived the initial confusion and should have a begun to develop a style and reputation in the Project.

Content of the second Class:

1          Class I Review

1          Ethics Review

1          Using Quality walks & the Quality Coaches

1          Specific direction on Planned Encounters

1          Specific skill sets used in Growth Reviews

1          Sales Management & the use of the Sales Coach

1          Weekly planning and scheduling, effective and efficient use of time

1          Professional Management and effective use of the People Department

1          People development and training of new Team Members

1          Home Work

Schedule & House Keeping

           Class Begins at 3:00 PM Wednesday and completes at 4:00 PM Friday.

           A continental breakfast will be served at the HST each morning.

           Dinner will be served at the HST on Wednesday evening.

           Class will resume after dinner on Wednesday.

         Dinner on Thursday night will be "off site".

        Please bring your Class I book for the Review module


           Dinner will be Off Site on Thursdau evening.

           Plan for Class to complete at 4:00 PM on Friday.

          Plan for a 45 minute travel tine to both airports.  


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