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Class IV


The Forth Class of DWH University is designed for a 12 month Project Manager.  The focus of the program is to provide the Project Manager with the development tools necessary to build and sustain a high performance team .  This class focuses on the development of the people and skills needed to build teams and be viewed as a leader, not just a controller or Manager.  It is designed to assist the individual in coping with a larger number of communities and higher numbers of Team Members spread out over larger areas. 


Content of the Fourth Class:

1     1          Class I, Class II and Class III Review

1          Team Building

1          Motivation

1          Small vs. Large Project

1          Public Speaking

1          Ethics Review

1          Developing future managers, & Mentoring

1     Team Building*

1     Experiential Training*

1          Home Work

* Out door activities:  Please bring appropriate clothing and rubber soled shoes. 



           Class Begins at 3:00 PM Wednesday and completes at 4:00 PM Friday.

           A continental breakfast will be served at the HST each morning.

           Dinner will be served at the HST on Wednesday evening.

           Class will resume after dinner on Wednesday.

           Dinner will be Off Site on Thursday evening.

           Plan for Class to complete at 4:00 PM on Friday.

          Plan for a 45 minute travel tine to both airports.  



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