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Class I



The first Class of DWH University is designed for a 1 to 4 month Project Manager.  The focus of the program is to arm the New Project Manager with the tools necessary to survive the initial challenges and tests. 

The program is designed to be simple and direct with an emphasis on specific activities and actions that the New Project Manager can implement immediately upon his or her return to the field.  The idea is to give the New Project Manager a simple series of tools and not to overwhelm with data or activities.

Content of the First Class:

1          Case Study Method

1          10 Commandments

1          Basic Team concepts

1          Expectation Setting, all directions

1          In Box Exercise, dealing with paper

1          Earning Respect through Integrity and Ethics

1         Customers and the New Project Manager

1          Basic Time Management Concepts

1          Difficult Communications, E-mail, Voice mail, Meetings and Listening

1          Home Work


           Class Begins at 3:00 PM Wednesday and completes at 4:00 PM Friday.

           A continental breakfast will be served at the HST each morning.

           Dinner will be served at the HST on Wednesday evening.

           Class will resume after dinner on Wednesday.

           Dinner will be Off Site on Thursdau evening.

           Plan for Class to complete at 4:00 PM on Friday.

          Plan for a 45 minute travel tine to both airports.  


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