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Class III

DWHUniversity Class III


Class III of DWH University is designed for the Project Manager that has been in the job for over 9 months.  By this time he/she should be in basic control of their current situation and ready to grow in responsibility.  Class III deals with classic management topics of Delegation, Power, Motivation, Training and Hiring.  It also covers in great detail the skill sets that are required of a Sales Manager.  Class III also addresses the effective use of the various Coaches

Content of the Third Class:

1          Class I & Class II review

1           Motivation

1          Power,

1     A,B,Cs

1          Delegation

1          Reward Reprimand Tool Box

1          Ethics Review

1          Recruiting, Selecting, Hiring

1          Probing Skills

1          Trust Building Skills

1          Supervise, Manage, Lead

1        Home Work



           Class Begins at 3:00 PM Wednesday and completes at 4:00 PM Friday.

           A continental breakfast will be served at the HST each morning.

           Dinner will be served at the HST on Wednesday evening.

           Class will resume after dinner on Wednesday.

           Dinner will be Off Site on Thursdau evening.

           Plan for Class to complete at 4:00 PM on Friday.

          Plan for a 45 minute travel tine to both airports.  



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